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The JSBA website includes a membership list, by region, for any current JSBA members in good standing. The basic listing is free, but to be included you must fill out and submit the application below. New listings will be added quarterly (January, April, July and October). There are also additional advertising options below for a small, annual fee. By participating, you associate your name with the JSBA site, expose your farm to potential buyers and help support JSBA's promotional activities.
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Date: 2024-07-18
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Additional Options

No additional services.

ADD WEB LINK AND PRODUCTS LISTING: Cost = $20/year payable to JSBA, and paid to the JSBA business office.

ADD WEB LINK, PRODUCTS LISTING, AND ADVERTISING COPY: Cost = $30/year payable to JSBA, and paid to the JSBA business office.

I want to list the following items in the products directory (check all that apply):
  • Registered Breeding Stock
  • Locker Lamb
  • Fleece/Fiber
  • Yarn
  • Pelts/Sheepskins
  • Finished Products
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