The majestic Jacob Sheep is a special addition to flocks throughout North America. Unique, different, regal, useful, hardy - there are few breeds that excite the interest of others as does this breed. Jacobs offer character and interest to any farm.

The Jacob Sheep Breeders Association (JSBA) was formed in 1988 through the encouragement and guidance of the American Minor Breeds Conservancy (now The Livestock Conservancy). The purpose of JSBA is to provide a place for breeders of Jacob Sheep to register their animals, communicate with one another and to centralize the distribution of information. Its mission is to ensure the conservation of this breed through inspection, registration, and education.

We hope you will join us in conserving this interesting and unique breed of sheep. It is not necessary to be a breeder to be a member of the Jacob Sheep Breeders Association. Membership in JSBA provides a quarterly newsletter, registration of sheep privileges, and a breeder listing.

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